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Special interest channels

What are your special interests? We are producing a series of channels including music, sport, tourism and community. But we aren't stopping there. We welcome you and your group to have your own channel as part of this unique on-line TV Station.


So if you have a great idea for a channel and can produce the content to be uploaded by us then get in touch.


Some ideas could be:

     *Home Cooking. Where you might have a series running on "Cooking for One", "Cooking from Scratch", "I'm a Student, this is my lifestyle". You'd need to plan a series and keep them regular.

     *A Second Language. Do you have a mother tongue other than English? Are you a language teacher or speak a second language conversationally? Can you put across that knowledge in a series that will be a learning experience that works? Can you integrate photos and video, novel learning techniques? Then this could be a great opportunity to help others through the medium of on-line TV.

      *A Hobby. Can you paint in oils or acrylics? Are you a D-I-Y guru who can show others how to complete simple jobs. Are you good with car mechanics? Then help others from having a nervous breakdown when things go wrong.


These are just some ideas. If you are interested then contact us now at


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